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Great people

This was my first car buying experience, and I have to say it was great. The workers were kind and understanding of the fact that I had no credit. Unlike other places that say we will work with you and don’t. Hollywood quality will, and get you in a vehicle that makes you happy. Kim one of the employees even came in on her off today. So that I could come pick up the car. It was a great car buying experience, and I highly recommend anyone looking for a car to stop by.  Thanks again guys

Roberto C.

Clevon and Kim were awesome and super friendly. Very satisfied with our purchase.


Love my mustang..... Kristen T.

Update! I was able to fix everything needed for my vehicle and it’s been more reliable than any vehicle I’ve purchased before. Thank you again! God bless

I came here after falling in love with a vehicle online reminding me of my older Mustang that had high mileage. While the vehicle I purchased will be needing regular maintenance and work I am beyond happy. This company is family friendly and they will work with you. The environment felt so much better than the big name dealerships that try to shove several things at you. I have visited many auto shops and dealerships in the past few years and this place was relaxing and down to earth.

I got my first car from Hollywood Quality Cars. I am so happy, they work with me and help me so much.

great service, great deal and great car.

got my car from Hollywood Quality Car. They treat you to the best and i love my car

great car we got our son from good people

I traded in my car and I got another car from Hollywood Quality Cars. This place is awsome and will work with you until you"re satisfied so if you're looking for a good quality car, come to Hollywood Quality Cars.

really good business, i love it.  I got me a 2013 Impala plan to keep it forever



great service hollywood quality cars, Kim the sales person was great

i love my car, the service is really great, come check them out

very good service. and very good price, they treat you like family and very good deal.

you guys are great. i really appreciate it and im so happy with my car. thank you guys

You guys have to come check them out, i am too excited, i just got my new ride, they are the best. i am so happy

love the service, its just awsome, they are great and you have to come here to get your next car

great service. i recommend them

my first car i got from hollywood quality cars today, great service

Hollywood Quality Cars have the best service. come get your car today

great service. so happy with my new 2013 ford f150

HELPFUL ALL THE WAY, They are great

Great customer service, real friendly and nice.

loving my new car

so I got my  2009 infiniti from Hollywood Quality Cars, when i say its no hassel. no problems. it was so easy it took me a few hours to get approved, down payment and everything, these other places wanted co signers and other things. NONE OF THAT HERE. thank you guys for everything.

i love the service and the people there are great. i love my car and i would recommend anybody to come get a car

Love my new carfrom Hollywood Quality Cars

This is the best day ever. My new car from Hollywood Quality Cars. Loveeeee it

This is beautiful business, I came here today looking for a car and they did a wonderful job. This is exactly what I like. They gave me a Toyota Matrix. I love my Toyota and I hope you go check them out. 

Hollywood Quality Cars was absolutely great to us. We are finally able to ride off with a car. We looked every where for a quality car and nothing until we came here. They were able to work with us and was very patient and understanding of our circumstances. Thank you all very, very much we appreciate everything you were able to do for us.

This place was good for us. The car is amazing that they was able to get me. Great service. Thank you Hollywood Quality Cars.

I needed a car for my wife and kids. I got a great deal on tis Nissan Pathfinder.  We all gave this car and this place a thumbs up (my kid gave 2 thumbs up) for the outsanding service and level of comfort we felt. I would always recommend this place for your next car. Thanks guys for being there for us.

I just bought my second car from Hollywood Quality Cars, they are awsome, they're great. I always get good deals from them. This is the place to come for your next car.

I would recommend Hollywood Quality Cars, I needed a car and they got me in and out very quickly. Super friendly people.

I love thes guys. I was able to walk in and out and get  a really good car at a bargain price.


Thank you Hollywood Quality Cars for helping us with this Ford Mustang for my son. The experience was great, and you guys are very helpful

I gifted my wife a new car from Hollywood Quality Cars. The people are very nice and helpful. 

I recommend Hollywood Quality Cars, they will work with you and are very dependable. Deffinately check them out.

I am happy with my Ford Expedition from Hollywood Quality Cars. They work with me with the price and help me out in everyway they can. Thank you guys

I really like my car. I had my mechanic come and check it out and everything was good. These people made me feel like family and had no problem for me to have my mechanic check out the vehicle before I buy, I am happy I got my 2012 Acura TL from Hollywood Quality Cars

Hollywood Quality Cars has treated me very, very, very good. Everyone was very nice to me and Im so happy with my car. 

I came all the way from Tallahassee to get this 2012 Cadillac Escalade. I think the service was great, first I really appreciate you Kim. Im so proud of my new Escalade. Im so happy and excited. Come to Hollywood Quality Cars to get yourself a new car. Me coming all the way from Tallahassee, it really hard to trust anybody but they really helped me out.


Hollywood Quality Cars, #1 spot in Holllywood if you're looking for a car. Great deal, great customer service. We walked in looking at one car, they suggested something a lot cheaper. It's not about the money, its about the service making their customers happy. My next car I'm coming to Hollywood Quality Cars

I got my Honda Accord 2009, from Hollywood Quality Cars, Best cars best service, come check them out, very low prices, they will work with you

Hollywood Quality Cars, real talk, they get me what I want in and out very quickly. No Questions asked. Awsome Service and very nice people. I am very comfortable with their service. Come check them out

I would like to say that I like the service and I would recommend everybody to come check them out.

My brother and I came all the way from Palm Beach for this baby. We got an awsome deal, these people are super and the service was wonderful. Come see what they have,

Hey guys I got my scion from Hollywood Quality Cars, they have great service and help me get a wonderful car. I would definatelly recommend you to come on by.

Hollywood Quality Cars is great, Come get your car here

im very happy with the service of Hollywood Quality Cars, I would deffinately recommend them. They are nice people

my friend referred me to buy my first car from here. This is my second car i got from them, service was great. i am really happy

Came in to buy my car, was easy service. great people

My son and I came to buy this BMW from Hollywood Quality Cars. Im impressed how helpful the people are. Great service and excellent price.

This is the second car I bought from Hollywood Quality. The service is always great, and they always give me a great deal. I always recommend them.

Got good deal at Hollywood Quality Cars. Come see what they have.. Nice people too

Hollywood Quality Cars great service. Awsome people, got me in and out no problem. She got me riding like a million dollars $$$. This is what happens at Hollywood Quality Cars.

Today I shop with Hollywood Quality Cars for my new Nissan Maxima, I Love You guys service. Easy going.  Its good service and I advise you guys to come.

So I just bought my car at Hollywood Quality Car and the process was so easy, every body was so friendly and great. Thank you Hollywood Quality Cars.

Hollywood Quality Cars are the best, they got me this great car and I'm soooo happy. This is whats up. Hollywood Quality Cars

I finally got me a car, I was stress out but they helped me and even though it was late they made sure I was able to drive home, they are the best.

I got this 2015 Ram from Hollywood Quality Cars. Ms. Kim was great, I do business with them every couple of years. They are wonderful people and will work with you. I'm deffinately happy

I bought this nice Nissan Versa From Hollywood Quality Cars, the service is really good here. The sales guy was really good and they worked with my situation. I didnt think I would have gotten a car because it was late, but they made sure I was able to drive that same night.

I bought my Cadillac SRX from Hollywood Quality Cars. I am so happy with this car. The people at the dealership is super. Great deals too.

I came by here late one night because I had to return my car I bought from another dealer. These people at Hollywood Quality Cars stayed and made sure I can drive. They are so nice and great customer service.

I purchase my car from Hollywood Quality Cars, I came all the way from Pahokee Florida. They have the best customer service. Come by and get yours

Hollywood Quality Cars have good customer service, took care of me, wash my car and all. I can't wait to finish paying this one so I can come back and buy a next one

i just purchased this beautiful vehicle from beautiful people, the service was great, i enjoyed the experience.

Hollywood Qulaity Cars gave me great service. Thank you guys

i just purchased a nice 2015 nissan altima, they are so patient with you, no credit bad credit, they have a car waiting for you. They treat you like family. Great people and personality.

we just bought a Galant from Hollywood Quality Cars, you need to go get your next car there. They got you. They will help you no matter what.

We came all the way from Ft. Meyers, it took us a while to get her but we got just what we wanted. This beautiful Impala SS. Real pleased with the service, Im happy.

We came all the way from Ft. Meyers, it took us a while to get her but we got just what we wanted. This beautiful Impala SS. Real pleased with the service, Im happy.

I got my nice ride from Hollywood Quality Cars, no credit, bad credit, they will help you out. I love my new car.

I bought my Lincoln Aviator from Hollywood Quality Car. The service was awsome and test drive was easily done with no hassle, I would recommend everyone to come get their car here.

I got my car at Hollywood Quality Car, no credit, bad credit I came in and got me this beautiful 2012 Nissan Maxima fully loaded. Come get your next car

Hollywood Quality Cars gives you perfect attention and the cars are so beautiful. You will enjoy it.

hollywood quality car is a great place to get your car, they have a lot of automobile. This is my first on and I'm gonna love it.

im am so happy that hollywood quality car got my grandson his first car, great deals. They will do the right thing

excellent customer service. if you need a car this is the place to be

we bought our car from hollywood quality cars, they have the best deals, great cars and excellent service

got my car from hollywood quality cars and my service was fantastic

I just bought me a 2011 Maxima, great deals on wheels. They serviced it, washed it and made me happy. They will treat you right. Go to Hollywood Quality Cars for your next car.

Just left Hollywood Quality Cars with my new nissan maxima, I like it, I'm loving it. Gonna drive off now with it. Great place and people.

Came in to buy my car from Hollywood Quality Cars. These people are great, the service was great, they make you feel like family.

Came here to Hollywood Quality Cars late afternoon and the sales team stayed back to make sure we drove off. They went above and beyond to help us and they will do the same for everyone.Great service.

The sales team are amazing at Hollywood Quality Cars. They got me in and out within 30 mins. Quick, simple and so easy to deal with.


I just got to say what great service I had. My first car, and it was such a awsome experience. i would recommend all my friends and family to come to Hollywood Quality Cars to buy their next car


Just got this hot new ride from Hollywood Quality Cars, excellent service, great people. they make you feel like family.

Just bought my car CASH. The staff was so friendly and made me feel at home. I'm very happy with the service. Check out this place when you ready to buy.

I'm in love with my new ride. 2008 G37S. This is the place to shop for your next car. Easy to work with and very friendly. Thank you Kim and Andre.

All the way from Homestead Keshia bought her Cadillic SRX and is extremly happy her car search is officially over

All the way from Homestead Johnathan bought his Mini Cooper and is very happy, he was in and out and loves his car!